Boston Terrier Breathing Problems Examined

boston terrier breathing problem

Boston terriers are some of the breeds that a pet lover would love. Their bulging eyes and its perky ears are two of its features that dog breeders love. Perhaps, many Boston terrier dog owners would say that they fell in love with its features so they decided to buy it. What troubles these owners the most would probably be the health problems that come with its features that affects the dog’s breathing. Although it is quite normal for these dogs to have breathing problems, an owner should still look at how to solve it so as not to ‘accidentally’ kill their Boston terrier.

Boston Terrier Breathing Difficulties

Their shortened snout would probably be the main reason for their breathing problem. They are mostly diagnosed with Brachycephalic syndrome, a condition which causes the breed’s snorting, wheezing, gagging, snoring and even coughing. Boston terrier breathing problems could of course be cured; just leave it to your veterinarian to cure him.  You may get used to how your Boston terrier dog would sneeze and cough, but do know that he is probably uncomfortable with how his nose clogs up. If you were him, you wouldn’t want to feel that.


Boston Terrier Breathing Problems’ Reason

Commonly resulting to breeding practices, a breeder has to stop it. Since they want their Boston terriers to have shorter snouts, they would be experimenting until they achieve their goals of shortening the dog’s snout. Not all dogs would suffer from the condition, but it affects dogs which have shorter snouts. Their nostrils become narrowed, so it gets harder for them to breath. When it becomes too narrow, that is the time when a surgery is required. A Boston terrier breathing problem is not always easy to solve; there would be times when you have to do everything that you can to keep him breathing, and it would be costly. However, what would it be for your dog’s life, right? As a pet who brings joy to you, you probably should do everything that you can to cure him of his inconvenient problem.

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